Child filling in paper with crayonRegistration for the upcoming school year will begin the first week of May.  Register early if you would like to participate in Lawrence Learns Play and Learn Groups and receive an invitation to the Lawrence Learns Block Party in August!
We host an annual Block Party in August to welcome our newly enrolled preschool and kindergarten students and their families to our public schools. The event is a community celebration with dozens of partners and more than 70 volunteers coming together to join the celebration.  Our Guests of Honor and their families are treated to an evening of fun, food, and school readiness information with the intention of cheering our children into the new school year while simultaneously providing families with information they need about school and community resources. We are excited to continue with this tradition in the years to come!
Child running through obstacle course while instructor coach himLawrence Learns Play and Learn Groups also started in the spring of 2017, providing children and families with the opportunity to become familiar with preschool expectations, routines, and materials. The Play and Learn Groups were facilitated by LPS parents who were trained to support our youngest learners and their parents.  The facilitators carefully plan activities for each playgroup so children and parents have a better understanding of preschool routines in order to support both parents and children as they prepare for the first day of school.
Important Dates for your calendar:
  • Lawrence Learns Block Party:
    Wednesday, August 8, 2018
  • First day of preschool and kindergarten:
    Monday, August 27, 2018
Transitioning from a community early education setting or from a home childcare provider is a big step! The Lawrence Learns Community Partners, a city-wide council comprised of public school leaders, community program directors, and early childhood educators, collaborated to create a Kindergarten Transition Form.  The form serves as a brief snapshot of information related to individual children’s social and academic strengths and areas of growth.  It is filled out by the child’s preschool teacher or home childcare provider, parents/caretakers review the information and sign a release to share the document with the public schools, and then the document is sent to the new kindergarten program.  The transition form ensures that kindergarten teachers learn about the child’s preschool experience and are ready to support their growth as learners and individuals on day one.

Child fishing letters out of a bin with a magnet on a string tried to a stickFree Events and Spaces to Play

Check out the We Are Lawrence calendar for free and low cost activities happening in Lawrence.
Check out Groundwork Lawrence for a list of transformed spaces that are now parks, playgrounds, gardens, wooded trails and pathways, promoting healthy pursuits like walking, running, cycling and gardening.
GLCAC Tadpole Room Early Learning Readiness Program is a six week parent/child program for families with young children. To learn more, contact GLCAC at 978-681-4996 ext. 4726.
The Lawrence Public Library provides free library cards that allow residents to borrow books at no cost. Their Children’s Room offers a friendly setting to share books together and check out special programs.